What is Logosynthesis?

Logosynthesis® is a simple, elegant, innovative and comprehensive system for personal development. It is effective in coaching, counselling, and psychotherapy, and can also be used as a self-help tool. It enables people to find their innermost life path.

Logosynthesis has been derived from the principles of many schools of change and contains a model, principles for change and actual interventions, embedded in a holistic view of human nature. Specialists from different schools of thought will detect features of their models in logosynthesis. However, the combination of effective principles in logosynthesis is new and unique.

Willem Lammers first introduced the concept in 2005, and since then it has been expanded continuously.

The key presuppositions of logosynthesis are:

  1. Suffering is primarily the result of a lack of awareness of our Essence and of our creative tasks in the world.
  2. Dissociated parts and introjects prevent our being fully aware of and living through our core self.
  3. Dissociated parts and introjects are rigid energy structures existing in 3- dimensional space, rather than abstract cognitive parts of mind.
  4. The power of the word itself is able to dissolve these frozen structures and allows the energy they were holding captive to be reclaimed into the Living Self.

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Take this class, you'll enjoy it!

"If you're new to Logosynthesis and you wonder what it's like training with Shanda L. Woodin, I can honestly say I appreciate the clarity & confidence with which she conveys Logosynthesis material, as well as her presence, kindness, and elegance when facilitating a Logosynthesis piece live during class. I look forward to training with her again in the future.

Take this class, you'll enjoy it & gain so much from it for your everyday wellness & productivity.” - Alan Rojas Yacola, Peru

I have loved all my training with Shanda L. Woodin

"It's such a brilliant course. I have loved all my training with Shanda L. Woodin. I learned so much and felt heard, seen and held in a very safe and beautiful space. I would not have been able to do this course if it had not been online, due to family and work commitments and I'm so glad I had the opportunity! Continuing this very surprising and profound adventure in Logosynthesis and life.

- Kuljit Kaur Sehmi, Bromley, UK

I have seen Shanda work and it is fantastic to observe.

"I have seen Shanda work and it is fantastic to observe, I always learn a lot from her approach, her knowledge and experience and her ability to put all those across in a very understandable manner. So do yourself a favour, join Shanda for this course. For me, taking the Basic class opened up the world of Logosynthesis, it is the best philosophy and method I have encountered in 30 years of personal and professional development.”

- Harriet Andriessen, The Netherlands.

Start with the basic class, and see where it leads you.

"Logosynthesis is far and away the most effective, deep, and efficient method I have learned in my 30+ years In the field of clinical psychology. Transformation takes place with each application of the techniques. Start with the basic class, and see where it leads you.” 

- Lori Hops, California, USA